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How to grow herbs in a pot

myonenewthingaweek-07In case you think that herbs are just for those that enjoy cooking, you are mistaken because herbs are now being used as decorative items as well. And why shouldn’t they be considering how great they can look in a pot and how they make a kitchen look homier and more elegant. A thing that you might want to consider learning this week is learning how to grow herbs in a pot because this is a relatively easy thing to do that you can benefit from. Besides, watching something grow is a unique experience that will definitely mean something to you.

For each herb, you can use a different pot, but bear in mind that there is no need to this because there are herbal plants which can grow in the same pot because they have the same or very similar requirements. For instance, since thyme, rosemary and basil require the same amount of light, they can be put in the same pot. Oregano, lemon and parsley also like the sun, but they should have more shade. Coriander, mint and ginger can grow in places where there is no direct sunlight.

If you want to grow the plants separately, get a 10 inch pot for each herb. If you want to put them together, get bigger pots that will give each plant enough space and that will allow each plant to grow. The soil that you will require is very particular and you should mix all purpose potting mix together with some manure and coarse sand. Believe it or not, it is as simple as that. On top of that, taking care of the plants is not that hard either.

myonenewthingaweek-06Since these herbs like to be soaked and then dried out a bit, the best course of action is to water them every other day, but make sure that you watch them in the beginning because the amount of time that it needs for the soil to dry is not the same in each and every case. The soil should be soaked and when you notice that it is almost dry, soak it again. Generally, this means watering the plants every other day, but in some cases, it may be even every day or every third day. How often you should water the plants also depends on other factors as well. If you choose clay pots instead of wood or plastic ones, you will have to water the plants more often. Smaller pots also require more frequent watering.

As you can see, the process of growing plants is not particularly difficult. If you think that you cannot succeed by starting from the seeds first, get whole plants somewhere else and simply replant them by making sure that you don’t get rid of their root system. In any case, you will be able to learn how to grow herbs and you will be able to do it in no time.

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